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Flood Advert Flood Avert Flood Screen/Wrap The Flood Avert Flood Screen/Rap, is 3 ft hight and 20 ft long forming an impenetrable water barrier.. Product #: FAB30 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $99.99 $99.99 In Stock
Product Code: FAB30
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Flood Avert flood screen rap "Fight the floods"
Flood Avert flood screen / rap – “Fight the floods” (65 ft.)
Wrap your home / protect your property with Flood Rap along with our Flood Avert -flood bags.
Measure & Cut to fit your needs / pre-taped to bond with any surfaces / the stronger the water flow the stronger the bond.
Protects your property from rising water up to 3 ft. high. – 65ft length.

Also available in boxes – 30 ft.

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