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Silver Moon Nutraceuticals, LLC Kavanol Tincture Free Shipping! This is the tincture version of our extremely popular KAVANOLTM product, but unlike .. Product #: KT1D based on 0 reviews Regular price: $50.00 $50.00 In Stock
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Free Shipping!

This is the tincture version of our extremely popular KAVANOLTM product, but unlike the vape version the tincture contains 2X the amount of CBD and 5X the amount of kavalactones.  While the effects of the KAVANOLTM vapor version can be felt by the user in seconds, the tincture version takes as little as 10 minutes before the effects are fully felt.  The tincture version of KAVANOLTM lasts much longer and delivers a more potent and smoother effect compared to the vape version, but that doesn’t mean the tincture is the best delivery method for the consumer.  Silver Moon NutraceuticalsTM recommends using the vapor version for immediate relief of symptoms and the tincture for all day relief.  The tincture bottle holds 1 dram (3700 mg) of KAVANOLTM and will give you around 15 sessions, same as the vapor version of the product.  A session is one dropper full under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds then swallow.

KAVANOLTM is a proprietary blend of hemp based CBD oil infused with kavalactones (the active components found in the root of the kava kava plant). This blending process assures that these active compounds get into the blood stream and cross over the blood brain barrier very efficiently and quickly. Our extensive research and development in nutraceuticals has produced one of the most beneficial products available today. Try KAVANOLTM and see what it can do for you.

PURE We start with pure organic ingredients, such as noble Kava from exotic Vanuatu and USA grown Hemp acquired from only the best and trusted sources. We analyze and qualify each batch of sourced material against internal purity standards followed up with third party testing, checking for pesticides, as well as heavy metals. KAVANOLTM is then blended and packaged in a laboratory environment, under strict controls, to deliver the purest and most trusted product on the market.

POWERFUL KAVANOL’sTM delivery of powerful effects is defined by the extensive research that has been applied during its development phase. Its unique combination of CBD infused Kavalactones delivers unparalleled effectiveness in easing a multitude of ailments and complaints, such as everyday stress and anxiety. KAVANOL’s TM users have also reported relief from, or a reduction in, painful muscle cramps, joint pain, severe headaches, seizures, symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and complications from Carpal Tunnel. Many of our clients use KAVANOLTM for sleeplessness when associated with anxiety with great results.

POTENT We employ proprietary extraction and blending technology to ensure each batch of KAVANOLTM provides maximum benefits by allowing the effective chemical compounds to efficiently cross the blood brain barrier. This potent process allows the user to experience KAVANOL’sTM effects within seconds, and others within minutes. Trust Silver Moon NutraceuticalsTM to deliver the Pure, Potent and Powerful relief you have been looking for.

Refuel your endocannabinoid system with KAVANOLTM!



Endocannabinoids play a key role in memory, mood, brain reward systems, and metabolic processes, such as lipolysis, glucose metabolism, and energy balance. For a great overview of the endocannabinoid system watch the video below.


For more technical information regarding the endocannabinoid system watch the video below.


CBD hemp oil is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp, unlike medical marijuana products, which are usually made from plants with high concentrations of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, these hemp oil products are non-psychoactive.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids presently identified in the cannabis plant and is the second most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana after THC. In hemp, however, THC is only present in trace amounts, while CBD dominates the plant’s makeup. CBD interacts with our naturally occurring systems, but is non-psychotropic, it doesn’t cause a high. This makes it a safer, less controversial alternative, while still offering significant health benefits.

For an overview of CBD watch the videos below.


Kava-Kava, or just Kava for short, has been used by Pacific Islander natives for thousands of years, to promote feelings of well-being, for relaxation from stress and anger, and as a sleep aid. The active compounds in kava are called kavalactones (Yangonin, Desmethoxyyangonin, Methysticin, Dihydromethysticin, Kavain, 7,8-Dihydrokavain, and Dihydro-5,6-dehydrokavain) and are found primarily in the roots. These kavalactones, when delivered to the body in the proper formula and in an effective dose will provide astonishing results. The key is in the formula and Silver Moon NutraceuticalsTM, through extensive research and development, is now able to provide that to you.

Our kava is all organic, sourced from Vanuatu and is a noble variety. The choice of where the kava root is sourced is extremely important to the quantity and effectiveness of the extracted components. Silver Moon NutraceuticalsTM has the experience to procure the best Kava and use supercritical CO2 extraction to extract the proven effective kavalactones. We then use a proprietary process to isolate specific compounds and purify the extracted material to prepare the potent kavalactones for blending. This proprietary process creates the pathway for efficient uptake of the kavalactones into the body.

For a quick overview of kava watch the video below:

KAVANOL’s TM secret is not the individual components contained in our products, the secret is in the years of research and development determining the proper medicinal herbs that contain the required compounds for the body effects required, perfecting the proper isolation and purification techniques, then identifying the proper delivery compounds to allow the body to use the medicinal components in the fastest and most effective way, and then developing the complicated manufacturing process to produce an effective and stable product. Silver Moon NutraceuticalsTM has the necessary experts to create complex products from complex plant systems and deliver their powerful benefits to you. Now, go ahead, purchase KAVANOLTM and see how it can help you.

Silver Moon NutraceuticalsTM would like to remind all of our customers that as with all medicinal herbs, Kava has shown itself to be safe when used in moderation, so please use our products as directed.



KAVANOLTM  tincture comes in a dropper bottle that holds 1 dram (3700 mg) of KAVANOLTM and will give you around 15 sessions, same as the vapor version of the product.  A session is one dropper full under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds then swallow. 

For most people, 1 full dropper is all that is necessary for all day relief. Do not use KAVANOLTM  tincture more than 2 sessions per day.



Pregnant and nursing women, people with liver conditions already, and those on medications that depress the CNS, should avoid kava, just to be safe. Consult your physician before using any nutraceutical product, including any product we manufacture, and especially if you are under the care of a doctor for ANY reason. Do not mix with depressants, such as alcohol, tranquilizers, and anti-anxiety medications.

Now we must give legal warnings for our products: If you consume our products, Do not drive, Do not operate any machinery or a device of any kind, Do not attempt to perform any work or action that would or could possibly cause any injury to you, another person, an animal, a physical object of any kind or to anything spiritual. We require that when you use our product, you should consult the advice of someone else, who is of full age and sound competence, to whether your action would or could cause injury to you, another person, an animal, a physical object of any kind or to anything spiritual. It is your responsibility to determine how KAVANOLTM affects you and you agree to accept all risks of using our products and agree to hold Silver Moon NutraceuticalsTM harmless against any claim, whatsoever, for using our product. If you have any questions regarding our legal disclosure, it is your responsibility to consult an attorney. 

We realize how ridiculous this may have sounded above, but due to the litigation climate and get-rich-by-suing nature of the legal system in this country, we have to state the warnings and agreements above. These are similar to the "Don't use hair dryer in shower" warnings, but we have to state them.


KavanolTM and KAVANOLTM are trademarks of Silver Moon Nutraceuticals, LLCTM

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using any nutraceutical product. Use this product at your own risk.

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